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MX-ONE Mobility


Mitel MiCollab

Mitel MiCollab delivers unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, and audio, web and video conferencing services tailored to the needs of today’s mobile workforce.

Mitel Mobile Client

Mitel Mobile Client allows mobile users to use short-number and extension dialing in combination with Mitel Mobile Extension, for accessing traditional communications system services as if they were using their standard features from their desk phones.


Cordless Telephony MX-ONE

With cordless technology, we give you the key to a more flexible office. Whether you work at a hospital, distribution center or manufacturing

Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension enables a single mobile phone to be utilized as the only complete extension of the Mitel MX-ONE™. You enjoy all the same features provided to youby a regular office phone, as you are fully integrated with your enterprise’s telephony and IT environment.

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